How To TNR

This page includes “How to TNR” articles and short vidoes demonstrating¬† trappings basics.


Watch this short video to see how to trap a cat in a safe, humane manner.

3 Minute How To Trap Instructional Video


This next video is longer (about 13 minutes) and explains more specifics and is particularly helpful when trapping feral cats.

Please note that RCCR does prefer to elevate both ends of the trap with brick, blocks, shoe boxes, etc.  This make the trapping event more sanitary for both the cat and the trapper because when the cat urinates there is space for the trap to remain dry.

13 Minute How To Trap Instructional Video

Note, some vets prefer trappers not to use newspaper or towels in the traps.

Also, please take a look at our list of TNR friendly Vets.

Most vets do need an appointment set for the morning you think you will be bringing in for surgery.

Additional Resources

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